Our Sunday Worship is being hosted via ZOOM.
If you missed it we recorded the service and the link can be found on the Worship Page or by clicking here.

We would love to have you join us next week! Just email us at fondareformedchurch@yahoo.com to request the log in information.

Our Sunday School lessons are being recorded on our YouTube Channel. The link can be found on our Sunday School page or by clicking here.

Rett Zabriskie’s Office Hours
In the midst of our new situation, one of the things that has disappeared is the option of dropping by the church to chat.  As long as we are closed, I will not actually be sitting in the office.  And given the office is the size it is, even when we can have church services, social distancing will mean my conversations will move to the lounge as the office is not large enough to allow consistent six foot separation.
I miss seeing folk!  There was never a crowd beating a path to my door of course, but still, on most of days I was in the office, someone would drop by.  So, I am going to invoke technology for a substitute.  Beginning Wednesday April 22 and continuing to some unknown future date I will keep Office Hours from 10am to Noon.  That means I will open a meeting on Zoom that anyone can join at any time.

The information is:
Topic: Rett Zabriskie’s Office Hours
Tuesdays 4pm-6pm
Wednesdays 10:00 AM – Noon
Join Zoom Meeting

I am not including the phone contact information because if you need to make the contact by telephone, you can just as easily call me at (201)819-7629 rather than doing it through Zoom.
Drop in when you can!  😊Rett Zabriskie

*Please remember*
1. Sunday Service worship is cancelled until further notice
2. Your Consistory care team folk will be in touch with you over the next while.
3. Consistory will make every effort to be aware of and respond to community needs.
4. In connection with resuming Sunday worship, we will have a congregational cleaning day in which we can all pitch in and give our facility a thorough deep cleaning before we begin using it again.
5. During our necessary down time we will be missing the weekly offerings that are needed to maintain our Church life.  Your tithes and offerings can reach the church office either electronically, if you use online banking, or by regular mail.

     God is good at all times and in all places, including here and now.  May his presence fill you and yours throughout these unusual days and weeks.