Worship for Palm Sunday will be hosted in an online meeting room called “Zoom” . Zoom is a video conference tool used for people that need or want to meet from the comfort of their homes.    We are planning to meet, online, during our regular service time of 10:30am and people will be able to join the video conference as early as 10am.

     The link to join is HERE.  If  you are not able to get audio through your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can do a regular phone call to  929-205-6099 (which may be a toll call since it’s New York City). 
     You will most likely have to download the app first.  If you want to make sure you are ready, they can try a test meeting at any time at by clicking here.

     The Meeting ID that should be enter when prompted is  481 802 235.

     We plan to record the service so that it will be available for playback if people aren’t able to participate live at 10:30.

     If you have any questions please call the church office at (518)853-3621 and Cara will help you through the download process.

*Please remember*
1. Sunday & Wednesday Lenten Service worship is cancelled until the Sunday after the public-school resumes.
2. Your Consistory care team folk will be in touch with you over the next while.
3. Consistory will make every effort to be aware of and respond to community needs.
4. In connection with resuming Sunday worship, we will have a congregational cleaning day in which we can all pitch in and give our facility a thorough deep cleaning before we begin using it again.
5. During our necessary down time we will be missing the weekly offerings that are needed to maintain our Church life.  Your tithes and offerings can reach the church office either electronically, if you use online banking, or by regular mail.

     God is good at all times and in all places, including here and now.  May his presence fill you and yours throughout these unusual days and weeks.