Below is an example of the Fonda Reformed Church Wedding Agreement. If you are interested in getting married at our church, please download the contract  Wedding Contract 2017 or call the church office at 518 853-3621 to obtain a hard copy of the wedding contract. 
The Fonda Reformed Church Wedding Agreement

We are excited you have considered the Fonda Reformed Church for your blessed wedding day. We realize that as a couple planning a wedding, you have many details to think about and coordinate. You are not only preparing for a wedding ceremony but also a life of marriage. To make planning easier for you, the following agreement lets you know what you can expect from us as well as some things we are asking of you. We will provide you with a completed copy of the agreement for your reference once signed. If you have more questions, please ask.

1. A wedding in the context of a Christian church should be special by acknowledging God and requesting His blessings and guidance sought in the marriage. The minister of the church will provide the services of pre-marital counseling, conducting the wedding rehearsal, and wedding service. If an outside minister is your desire, our current minister must approve your choice. Please provide a contact name and phone number.

2. Music for the service should reflect the joy and dignity of the occasion. Our current minister must approve the music. The wedding couple is encouraged to employ musicians of their choice and/or provide pre-recorded music selections. If any audio-visuals are required for the ceremony, the church offers an Audio Visual technician who would be present at the rehearsal and wedding ceremony. Our technician will be responsible for microphones, sound system, and any audio/visual needs the church can provide. Upon request and if available, a DVD of the wedding ceremony is optional.

3. Decorating of sanctuary is acceptable during the rehearsal time. Please respect the sanctuary and use only non-damaging adhesives and decorations. Our current minister must approve all decorating plans for the service.

4. No smoking allowed in any part of the church or on the church property, including the parking lot and sidewalks. Please inform your wedding guests of this guideline.

5. No alcoholic beverages allowed on church property for any purpose, at any time, including a toast to the bride and groom.

6. No confetti, rice, birdseed or other material thrown in the church building or on the church grounds. Wedding bubbles are acceptable. Please inform your wedding guests of this guideline.

7. The use of our kitchen and Fellowship Hall are available for the reception. The church’s tables and chairs may be used for the reception; however, the wedding couple is to make sure someone is responsible for the setting up and taking down of the tables and chairs, as well as cleaning up after yourselves. Please leave kitchen and Fellowship Hall as found.

8. The wedding couple is responsible for the actions of their family and guests while they are on church property. To insure compliance with all of this agreement, a $200 security deposit is required to the church, along with this signed contract. The security deposit would reimburse the church for any damage, or the custodian for any extraordinary clean-up costs. The wedding couple will be responsible for any damages and excess clean up not covered by the security deposit. Upon inspection by the custodian and if no damages or extraordinary clean-up costs are necessary, the security deposit shall be returned.

9. At least two weeks before the wedding date, all fees for church services requested are due.

The Fonda Reformed Church Wedding Agreement

Summary of Services
Mark All that apply
Description of Services: All options below are available and included in flat fee. Church will distribute fees to appropriate people.
Approved Outside Minister Name and Contact info:

Use of Audio / Visual including microphones, and our trained Audio Visual Technician services.
Are you interested in DVD recording of Wedding Ceremony?
Use of Fellowship Hall for reception.
Use of Kitchen equipment for reception.

$ 200
Please make all checks payable to The Fonda Reformed Church.

Security Deposit required with signed contract on date ____ / ____ /20____ (separate check for easy return) Check #: ____________
$ 500 Use of Church building for rehearsal and wedding ceremony.
Dates : _________ and ______________ of 20___ .

Remaining Cost to be paid by: ____ / ____ /20____ (2 weeks prior to Wedding date)

Contact Information

Fonda Reformed Church 853-3621 19-21 Broadway Fonda, NY 12068 Email:

Names: Phone #’s: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
The Fonda Reformed Church Wedding Agreement

This agreement is between the Fonda Reformed Church and the wedding couple of
_____________________________________&____________________________________ .
The church allows the wedding couple to use the facilities of the Fonda Reformed Church for a
wedding rehearsal to be held _____________________, 20___, beginning at_________ (time),
and ending at ________. For rehearsal, only the Sanctuary may be used. The building will be
opened 15 minutes prior to rehearsal. Also, for a wedding ceremony to be held on
_______________________, 20___, beginning at_________ and ending at _________. On the
day of the wedding, the front red doors to the church will be opened 1 hour prior to the service.
The third floor rooms of the Cussler Center will be available for use as changing rooms or other

Upon signing this wedding agreement, I agree to pay all pertinent fees and comply with all the guidelines stipulated in the Wedding Agreement.

Signed by:

Pastor ________________________________________________

Wedding Couple ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________